RADFAC-2017, March 30th, 2017 – Escuela Superior de l’Ingeniera, Seville, Spain

Next RADFAC-2017 will hold in Escuela Superior de l’Ingenieria, at Seville, Spain the 30/03/2017.

Radfac is a RADECS thematic day dedicated to ongoing research academic activities in the field of Radiation Effect on Components and Systems.

Hereafter topics which will be addressed:

  • Basic mechanisms of radiation effects in electronic and optical materials,
  • Space, atmospheric and terrestrial environments
  • Radiation effects on electronic and photonic devices, circuits, systems and detectors,
  • Radiations effects on sensors and emerging devices,
  • Technology and Design hardening,
  • Radiation Hardness Assurance,
  • Irradiation facilities and testing,
  • FPGA for Space systems.

Submission: send your abstract to radfac2017@us.es latest 10/02/2017.

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