• Promote basic and applied science and research in the field of radiation and its effects on materials, components and systems
  • Relevant industries: space, civil nuclear and military applications

Scientific activities:

  • Holding the annual RADECS European Conference
  • Holding occasional RADECS workshops on a range of topics
  • Promote research activities on radiation effects
  • Scientific publications or promotion of scientific publications
  • Co-operation and exchange with other relevant organisations

NSREC – RADECS connection:

  • The RADECS steering committee includes a representative of the RESG
  • The RESG includes a representative of the RADECS Association
  • The most significant papers from RADECS conferences are published in the IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science by NPSS
  • Members of both organisations serve as reviewers and session chairs at NSREC and RADECS Conferences

RADECS Association